The Homo habilis body plan?

The specious was first discovered by the Leaky’s in 1960 at Olduvia Gorge in Tanzania Africa. Since then with more fossil discoveries we know they lived 2.5 to 1.5 million years ago and they used oldowan stone tool tradition. They also, compared to austrolopiths, had a smaller face but bigger brains measuring around 650 cubic centimeters(cc). Compared to australopiths brain case found around low 500 cc. And for awhile the only fossils found were skulls and teeth giving no indication on what there body plan looked like. Until around 1986 at Oduvia Gorge the fossil remains labeled as OH 62 were found which had the partial remains of both upper and lower limbs. And based on the partial limbs it indicated a more primitive body plan still being bipedal but with longer arms then legs.


But some still find it controversial that the lack in complete limbs can’t indicate it’s limb proportions properly. But based on the most recent study published on Homo floreseens they shared a common ancestor with Homo habilis being a sister lineage. Because we have a fairly complete skeleton of the hobbits with complete limb bones with limb proportion of short legs and long arms. And because they were related closely and the Hobbits still had a primitive limb proportions like that of the austrolopiths it can be argued Homo habilis had the same body plan. And even though they were different species and had different traits and adaptions, the general body plan doesn’t change nearly as much with closely related species. Take us for example, we are closely related to Neanderthals and Denisovans sharing a common ancestor. Though we are different species we all have the same body plan to be bipedal. Or take all the monkey on our planet. There are many far and wide with different adaptations to there environment but they all have the same body plan to be arboreal quadrupeds with all limbs at the same length, even baboons who are terrestrial. Because of the new evidence showing both Homo habilis and the hobbits being closely related it can be argued that for a fact Homo habilis even though a handy man was bipedal with short legs and long arms.






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