About Me



I am an anthropologist in training.   kind of. I grew up in the outskirts of Chicagoland where we are nearly surrounded by cornfields. And as a kid I was very interested in natural history, human history and science. I would watch documentaries that show a changing and evolving planet, or something like the creation of the Pyramid of Giza. And one of my most favorite places to go is the Field Museum, with exhibits like The Evolving planet and other special exhibits of human experiences. My parents and family gave me books about dinosaurs, and living animals around the globe. My Grandma gave me artifacts like a complete arrow head she discovered in her garden. I used to go onto trips where I could find fossils. Some of the most interesting things me and my family have found were items like a Mastodon kneecap, fragments of megalodon teeth, chunk of a giant ground sloth claw, and fossilized flora like petrified wood.

While I was in high school classes like biology, ancient history, and forensics really shaped me and what I wanted to do. I could have gone into Biology, paleontology,or zoology. But there was a missing factor and that was people. And when I discovered anthropology it was like the last piece of the puzzle. And what solidified my choice was gaining the experience of archaeology and forensic anthropology camps I did over the summer.


This blog will be discussing about the subfield Physical or Biological Anthropology. I will show you the many different field they observe and study in and what they do to explain the past, present, and future.